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Investment and development in Poland

Due to the high competition on the domestic market, many domestic companies decided to widen the market, establish new projects or production lines in foreign countries. Eastern European countries are their ultimate investment goal, including Poland-developing country in Eastern Europe.

Pomorskie Office China in Beijing in the scope of services is limited to Poland, therefore the information we provide is only applicable to enterprises whose goals are investments in Poland.

Poland has a population of 38.7 million, a big country in Eastern Europe, with a total area of 312, 685 square kilometers, similar in size to Italy and Germany. in May 2004, Poland officially joined the European Economic Community Organization.

Poland is located in the middle of Europe, which for enterprises that pitch their market targets in Eastern Europe and Western Europe, provides good investment and development opportunities. It only takes a few hours to travel from the capital of Poland (Warsaw) to the major trading cities in Europe (Berlin, Moscow, Vienna, Bratislava, KIEV, MINSK).

In recent years, with the increasing number of professional and technical personnel, Poland has been attracting a lot of electronics, high-tech enterprises to invest and build factories in the Mainland.

In order to attract foreign investment enterprises, the Polish government has established the Economic Development Zone (similar to the Chinese). The Poland Economic Development Zone is divided into 14 regions, the original total area is ??8,000 hectares. The Polish government introduced a new policy in 2006 in which the Economic Development Zone's total area was expanded to 12,000 hectares.

Investment in the zone within the enterprise can allow for a tax break enacted by the EC duty-free rate according to the scale of investment and employment.

As Poland's Independent Administrative Region, the Economic Development Zone provides excellent conditions for the development and operation of foreign invested enterprises.

Tax relief for investments include the following items:

  • To buy land or purchase land use rights (100 years)
  • Purchase or construction of real estate
  • Expansion Project
  • Purchase of technology patents, licenses, know-how, and non-patented technical knowledge
  • Economic Development Zone: To provide technical facilities and land

Poland Trade Information and Foreign Investment website (English) - www.paiz.gov.pl